Auto Produce BOSS GDB

One of my old favorites, the Auto Produce BOSS GDB.

This car started it’s life as an STi Spec C before coming into the hands of the Nagano-based tuning facility.

The exterior has been heavily upgraded with a Varis body kit and BOSS’ own 3D carbon wing. BOSS has had a long relationship with Prodrive and uses quite a few of their products on this GDB including a set of 18×8 GC10G wheels.

The car’s engine has been kept at the standard 2000cc with JUN internals. The turbine is an HKS GT3037S which helps the GDB achieve 450 HP. This is one of the few Imprezas I’ve seen with the turbo mounted behind the block. I’m not sure what the advantages are because the intercooler piping doesn’t appear to be any shorter with this setup.

The BOSS GDB has always been a very streetable car. With a fairly modest 450 HP (in track car terms) and a full interior with all the creature comforts intact, this would be the perfect street weapon for the daily commute. I was pumped to see BOSS as Tokyo Auto Salon this year with a GRB STi, it’ll be interesting to see what comes of that car in the future.


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