Only In Japan

It’s not uncommon for tuning shops to sell their demo cars when they don’t need them anymore. Demo cars can be hugely expensive projects for a shop so to be able to recoup some of that initial investment through a sale is always desirable. I was surprised to see the Runduce/Voltex Impreza had recently been sold.

The car was listed on Global Auto with 26000 miles looking brand new still.

This Impreza has always been a big deal to me because it was the first GDB to be fitted with Voltex aero. It also happens to be twin-turbo!

This engine bay is a work of art. An EJ25 with twin HKS GT-SS turbines producing 5oo HP. I’d be very interested to see how this car accelerates, there’s probably very little turbo lag with this setup. I really admire all the little details throughout the engine bay like the welds on the intercooler piping, the anodized blue finish on the intake manifold, and the custom titanium heat shield. It’s always impressive to me when a shop can maintain an OEM-look while doing a completely custom build.

The interior has also been kept in mint condition. I like that it’s been kept mostly stock with the addition of a few items including the Defi Super Sports Cluster.

Here’s the Runduce/Voltex Impreza in it’s original livery sporting some gold Advan RS. I really wish used cars like this were for sale here in the states. Global Auto had taken down the original listed price so I have no idea what this car went for but I’m guessing it wasn’t cheap.



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