Pleasure Racing Service S203

The Impreza STi S203 is one of Subarus’ limited production models only available in Japan. In honor of Colin McRae’s WRC championship past, 555 units were produced. The special edition “S” models of the Impreza STi have been so popular in Japan that they sell out almost immediately. So getting your hands on one can be extremely difficult. The S203 is equipped with an EJ20 engine and an upgraded twin scroll, ball bearing turbo developed by IHI. This power plant and a special tuned ECU from STi help the S203 to achieve 320 HP. For most people the S203 is pretty much perfect from the factory. But then I came across this car, where the owner has decided to take things a step further.

The exterior has been kept relatively stock. Done away with are the special edition BBS wheels that come standard on the S203. Instead the owner has opted to go with more aggressive fitting Prodrive GC10E’s, staggered with 18×9.5 in the front and 18×8.5 +44 in the rear. The factory Brembo brakes have also been replaced by AP Racing 6-piston front and 4-piston rear brakes. Other exterior upgrades include SYMS air ducts and Ganador carbon side mirrors.

The already hefty ‘Pink’ STi-tuned suspension components have been replaced. Giving the car a substantial drop are a set of Öhlins coilovers. Goodies from Ikeya Formula and Cusco round out the rest of the suspension tuning on this S203.

Pleasure Racing Service took care of the S203’s makeover. The engine has been upgraded to an EJ22 with a long list of internals by Pleasure, including forged pistons, connecting rods and cams. A Pleasure top-mount intercooler and HKS Kansai intake box feed air to the Tomei ARMS M7660 turbine. Pleasure also used their original exhaust components, including equal-length headers for this S203.

Since the interior is one of the best aspects of the S203, it remains relatively unchanged. The STi seats developed with Recaro are probably my favorite seats ever for the Subaru. I’d love to get a hold of a set at some point.

This S203 is very special. Not only is it 453/555, but it’s been modified far beyond the factory settings. Few S203 owners dare to add anything extra to their cars. To do so would be Subaru sacrilege in their minds. I love the subdued performance of this car. The owner has gone leaps and bounds to use only the highest quality parts for this build. Pleasure Racing Service has a long history of Subaru and Mitsubishi tuning so they definitely got this S203 far beyond it’s potential. The car was recently sold to a new owner and I first saw it a few few months ago on Global Auto. It’s nice to be able to take a look at some privately-owned cars once in a while because many of them turn out to be just as good if not better than what the shops are building for competition.


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