Subaru Impreza STi R205

The latest iteration of Subaru’s special edition Imprezas made it’s debut at Tokyo Auto Salon. The $48000 R205 went on sale earlier this month with a limited production of just 400 cars. Unfortunately the closest any of us will get to one is on the internet, because like all the previous “S” models, the R205 is for sale in Japan only.

Like the previous “S” model Imprezas, the R205 is equipped with an EJ20 and a twin scroll, ball bearing turbo specially tuned by STi to produce around 316 HP. The interior comes with similar JDM Recaro seats as seen on the previous models. The standard brakes have been replaced with 6-piston front and 4-piston rear calipers with 18 inch rotors all around. The suspension has also been beefed up with more STi components including a flexible strut tower bar. Other upgrades include a redesigned front lip, rear diffuser and spoiler.

The R205 isn’t as flashy as the previous “S” model Imprezas but I still really like it. I love when car manufacturers release enthusiast models and I’m glad that Subaru continues to do so periodically. It keeps the fans excited about the brand. I’m not sure why Subaru doesn’t release the R205 in the states. I have no doubts that this car would be hugely popular and they’d have no problem selling another 400 of them. I know a bunch of people, including myself that would love to own one. If you’re interested in more pictures and information about the R205 check out Autoblog.


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