My friend Earl Han has a new blog.

Many of you probably know Earl through Touge Factory (he used to work there), Risky Devil (he’s down with the crew), and EQH Integration (his old blog). Now Earl’s made the move to WordPress and started his new blog Earclectic. I really enjoy Earl’s views on things, he’s a lot like me and even though we’ve never met in person, I feel like we’ve been homies for a while now. One thing him and I both agree on is there are way too many stupid car blogs these days. When I first started A Class there were just a few around, now it seems like every dude with an internet connection and a forum account has a car blog. That’s fine I guess, it just gets old seeing the same cars on the forums, Speedhunters, MotorMavens, HellaFlush, and every WordPress blog on the internet daily. Like Earl I’ve tried to stray away from posting the same old mundane car pictures on A Class. Instead I’m opting to give more updates on what I’m doing. Earlclectic is more a lifestyle blog than anything else and I like that. He’s a great writer and posts some really solid, thought provoking features. You guys should all check it out and take note. Please don’t try and copy him though.



  1. word. thanks for the love homie. eqhintegration was more what was going on with me in my head. the wordpress is just about having fun, ya dig?

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