This Week

Sorry for the lack of updates on A Class the last couple weeks. Ever since I started with Bulletproof it’s been a whirlwind. Right now I’m commuting to our office in LA from Irvine. It’s been hell but I really love living in Irvine and I’m not sure I can give it up so easily. So for now I’ll keep the drive going.

The week started off great, nice warm sunny weather. Around midweek I caught a nasty cold and the great weather we’ve been having in SoCal turned sour. I drink Kirin milk tea constantly. I swear they put crack in it because I can’t stay away from the stuff. Something about selling Amuse exhausts and drinking Kirin tea is cool to me.

Earlier this week hit up Shik Do Rak in Irvine for all you can eat Korean BBQ. It was pretty cheap and the quality was good. The bulgogi was endless and the banchan was above average.

My boss Ben has this Top Secret R34 GTR carbon kevlar rear diffuser custom mounted to his S2000. The quality of this piece is insane and it’s paper thin. Probably my favorite piece on his car next to the Amuse titanium headers. I love inspecting this car every morning when I get to work.

My co-worker Jason likes to park his Evo X next to my WRX. I finally got ride in it yesterday, Jason did some pulls through downtown LA. His Evo is making 340whp and it’s super quiet, you’d never hear him coming. He’s looking to get some Volks and the Varis kit very soon. He definitely has good taste.



  1. Wow nice, can’t wait till I get my S2K to join you guys!

    *Looks around as phone rings…* “Uh…GT-RR…”


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