Last week my WRX was involved in an accident. I was in stop and go traffic on the 10 freeway in downtown Los Angeles. A woman in a 2007 Honda Civic broke hard to avoid hitting the car in front of her and I subsequently rear ended her. The damage to her car was very minor, only some paint scratches. However, my WRX suffered a lot worse. My front bumper was torn off the car on the right side, my front lip was cracked, my horn doesn’t work anymore, and my intercooler and hood latch were completely bent. Right now I’m trying to figure out what to do with the damages. The hood latch and intercooler mounting brackets are all replaceable and it’s possible that my bumper may be salvaged. Although it’s looking like I’ll still need a new one. Since my front lip is also cracked I’ll need one of those as well. I was tossing around some ideas for a new look for the car and I was wondering if I could get some of your opinions?

This is what my WRX currently looks like. I’ve been running a replica V1 STi front lip for over 2 years. The fitment and build quality are horrid so I’m not too sad that its broken. I basically got it for free and only had to pay to have it painted. I’m excited about getting something that’s of better quality and fitment. Right now I’m thinking of a couple different options.

The first option is pretty obvious. Get an authentic V1 STi front lip. The problem is these are very hard to find and although I do have connections through working at Bulletproof, it’s going to be very expensive. I still think the V1 front lip is one of the best looks ever for the bugeye Impreza though.

Option number 2 is the V2 STi front lip. It’s pretty similar to the V1 with the addition of the duel air vents on either side of the lip. This is one of the most popular choices out there. That’s one of the things that’s keeping me away from wanting one though. I’d like to keep my WRX fairly unique even though it’s becoming pretty difficult these days.

I’ve been thinking a lot about option number 3, the Prodrive front lip. I’ve always thought the Prodrive lip was very classy looking. I also like how it doesn’t sit as low as the STi front lips do. Over the 2 years I owned my replica V1 lip, I’ve scraped and shredded it on more driveways and speed bumps than I can remember. Now that I’m commuting to LA everyday I need something that I won’t always be paranoid about destroying. One of the drawbacks with the Prodrive lip is that it’s also a very common choice for bugeye owners.

My last option is something completely different, the Varis carbon front lip. I can get an amazing deal on one of these lips through my job and it actually turns out to be much cheaper than all of the other options. It’s also the only one with carbon accents. The Varis lip is extremely uncommon. I’ve never seen a bugeye in the US running one of these front lips which makes the idea very enticing to me. My biggest fear about this lip is that it’ll scrape more than any of my other options. It’s also extremely flashy compared to the other choices. I love my JDM but I really want to keep my WRX as clean as possible.

Another idea I was considering is just forgoing the OEM bumper and lip all together and getting a JUN front bumper. I don’t think I’m going this route for 2 reasons. First off I think it looks kind of ricer by today’s standards. Unfortunately most of the aero available for the bugeye looks pretty ricer, I guess that’s the car showing it’s age. Secondly, the price of this bumper is ungodly. I have no idea why it’s so expensive, even with my discount!

So those are my current options, I’d love to get some opinions from you guys, especially my fellow Subaru owners. Luckily my car is still totally drivable, but I am looking to get this done pretty soon.



  1. Option 1 or 3. 1, because you’ll just go back to how she was looking, but with a legit lip now. 3, because of ur commute its shorter and as you said its less for you to worry about.

    1. My problem with the V1 is that it’s very hard to find and it’s incredibly overpriced from STi Japan. You can still get a new, painted V2 lip these days for around $650.

  2. I would have to say the Prodrive lip out of those choices. Have you ever considered the OEM roof scoop? For some reason I really dig those. I was going to do one on my Sti, but then sold the car before I got a chance. Also, are you running fogs behind the covers? If so, stock or the yellow lens?

    1. I do like the Spec C roof vent but something about cutting into my roof scares the shit out of me LOL! I’m actually not a fan of fog lights on the bugeye. It doesn’t really matter though because I had to take the fog lights out to make room for the intercooler piping.

  3. Opinions are like assholes, everybodys got one and they all stink. I’d go with Varis because it’s cheeper, has carbon fiber in it, and its rare. Is it going to get scapped up? Yes, but if your worried about that make the whole front end stock again.

  4. am i the only one who’s going to say look to the previous post? do-luck was one of the bumpers i always thought went well with the bugeye.

    1. i understand it’s not an “option” but that’s just my opinion. of your choices, i’d say stick with the v1.

      1. Do-Luck is one of our biggest clients at work. I can get their stuff, I just think it looks very ricer. Everything for the bugeye looks ricer. I need to ditch the thing and get an STi already LOL! 😀

  5. Go all out with a L’aunsport kit! I kid. I think the JUN bumper looks nice. It’s not really ricer, I see it as “period correct”. But I guess the wheels won’t match though. prodrive looks nice.

  6. I really like the V1 it flows well with your car. I also like the Varis too, but it makes it look ‘busy’ in the front. You have great taste in parts/cars so i wouldn’t be surprised on your purchase

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