Zowie Auto Studio

I was able to find a few more pictures of the Zowie Auto Studio/Do-Luck GDB.

Sorry for the crappy pictures. For some reason even though the Japanese are the world’s innovators in digital photography, no one seems to know how to take decent automotive photos.

The Do-Luck duckbill trunk keeps growing on me the more I see it. I’m not sure about that rear wing though.

EQH was mentioning the Do-Luck kit as a potential facelift for my WRX. As much as I agree and actually like the kit the more I see it, I don’t think I could ever daily drive a car with that front end.



  1. I can totally get Zero/Sports! I love that brand too but I’d only rock one of their front bumpers if they sold that insane under tray that’s on their time attack car.

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