Silver Surfers

PSM has always been my least favorite color for the Impreza. I’m not really a big fan of silver cars in general. Throughout my browsing of NASIOC this week, these cars stood out to me and may be the exception.

The M Sports body kit and Varis carbon hood set this car off. The CE28N’s could be more aggressive but overall this JDM STi is fresh!

This bugeye from the OC is one of the cleanest examples today. I love the carbon brake ducts and Prodrive front lip.

I’ve been drooling over the Varis time attack wide body kit for years. I think it looks menacing, especially on a street car.

For the 04/05 body style to look good I think it has to have JDM fog lights. I’m not really sure why they never came standard from the factory? It’s a question my co-workers and I seem to ponder everyday. Why do the USDM versions of Japanese cars get dumbed down for Americans? Anyway, a Voltex front end is on it’s way for this STi but the Cusco lip certainly looks nice in the meantime.


One comment

  1. my homie brad had one exactly like the 2nd pic from the top and he’s from oc too. dope post.

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