This is something I’ve been excited about for a long time.

C-SER is the Subaru Impreza line of parts by Silva specialists, Yashio Factory. Mr. Okamura picked up a GRB STi last year and decided to start developing new parts for his daily driver. The result is a new offshoot brand specializing in suspension and performance tuning.

I was scoping out C-SER’s official blog earlier today and found all these cool photos of Mr. Okamura’s GRB STi. The car uses a more efficient HKS front mount intercooler and an selection of original C-SER parts, including a stainless catback exhaust, coilovers, and other suspension components. Oka-chan also opted for a set of matte black Advan RS-D’s and an STi V-Limited front lip. I think this is one badass looking GRB STi!

Oka-chan and his crew make adjustments to the car in between laps. It’s really nice to see companies actually testing their products on the track!

Those Advan RS-D’s are looking flush! I’m still a CE28N guy myself but the RS-D’s are a really nice alternative. They look great on the Impreza too! I hope to be seeing a lot more from C-SER over the next few months.



  1. Hello I have a 2009 Subaru STi. I was wondering what coil overs you are running on your c-ser STi. And what size sway bars you have. I noticed that you very little understeer, when your car.
    Any help would be greatly appreciate it.

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