The Finer Things

In light of Mr. Kanayama’s recent car accident which has left him in a coma, I thought I would take a second to talk about ASM and their amazing collaboration with Recaro.

ASM is known throughout the Honda community as one of the premier tuning shops in Japan. Their amazing attention to detail and taste for the finer things in life have set them apart from most other tuning shops. The company’s owner, Shinichiro Kanayama is known for his expensive tastes and his desire to achieve perfection with everything he involves himself in.

This attention to detail can be easily seen in the way ASM keeps their workspace in immaculate condition.

Their S2000’s including Mr. Kanayama’s personal car (pictured above) are known for their subtle, fully-functional styling. I like the lunacy of Spoon’s wide body kit, but it’s always been the ASM kit I’d put on my own personal car, if I drove an S2000. The front bumper is full dry carbon, amazing!

ASM is also known for their relationship with Recaro. They’re currently the largest dealer of Recaro seats in Japan and have been since 2005. The company offers an array of original ASM designs that are made in house at Recaro Japan. These seats have only been available to the Japanese public until recently.

ASM offers unique materials and stitching patterns, including alcantara on their line of Recaro seats. Visitors to ASM’s showroom in Yokohama are welcomed to test each seat to figure our which one is perfect for their car.

ASM also has 2 amazing blogs featuring the best photography and writeups of any tuning shop blog I’ve ever read. I came across these photos of a bugeye STi receiving the ASM treatment.

It would be nice if my car was still this clean! I wish Mr. Kanayama a speedy recovery, without him none of this would have been possible. He’s served as an inspiration for many.

Photos courtesy of my friend Colin Chu.


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