Seeker AP1

Seeker’s AP1 S2000 demo car.

The Chargespeed Super GT widebody isn’t a bad look for the car although I feel like it’s just a mashup of all the other great body kits from Amuse, J’s Racing, and ASM.

The Seeker SE.S ES exhaust is teetering on the lines of ear shattering. Although you can’t really see it in this picture, it’s just a straight pipe. I prefer it when S2000’s run single tip exhausts. I think it fits in so much better with the “roadster” feel of the car. It’s also cool when manufactures like ASM and Chargespeed (above) mold their rear bumpers to fit the single tip look.

The S2000 really needs little work to be an amazing performer. The engine bay has remained unchanged for the most part. The F20C has been kept with stock internals and the intake has been replaced by a Chestnut air box and Spoon carbon kevlar intake duct.

Here’s a clip from Touge Gunsai with the Seeker taking on the Arvou AP1 S2000. This thing is so loud!


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