2011 Subaru STi

I’ve been tracking the unveiling of the new STi for some time now. I’m pleased to admit that I really like it, well done Subaru!

The front end isn’t too much different from the previous GRB model but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

I think its really cool Subaru is offering the STi in both sedan and wagon versions for 2011!  The taillights aren’t doing much for me, but I like the newly designed rear wing and those fenders are crazy!

It was unveiled this morning at the 2010 New York Auto Show. I’m not sure what color this is but I’m liking it. The car has been met with some mixed reviews so far, but hasn’t every new version of the STi? I’m already picturing this car lowered with some aggressive wheels and a V-Limited front lip! Can’t wait until they go on sale, I may have to consider getting one!



  1. Honestly, I feel kind of underwhelmed by the new STI sedan…probably because Zero Sports (?) already made one like a year ago that looks just like it.

    I do however love that blue color. Very nice.

    1. I guess I threw expectation out the window a long time ago LOL! I think Subaru is just trying to take their cars in a different direction. They’re moving more into luxury territory now with leather, heated seats and plenty of gadgets. A fair bit of chrome trim has also made its way onto the car. I guess they’re trying to be more competitive with Audi and BMW, but if I wanted an Audi or BMW from a Subaru, I’d just get an Audi or BMW LOL!

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