Building Bricks

Legos where and always will be my favorite toy. If I wasn’t into spending my money on cars, clothes, and gadgets I’d probably buy Lego sets and build them all day. I regularly visit this cool Lego blog called Klocki, Polish for bricks. It features all kinds of amazing Lego creations from around the world. I used to think I was pretty good at building Legos when I was younger, but there’s always someone out there that spends more time on it and does it bigger and better. I’m regularly amazed by the things I see on Klocki. Check out this awesome Renault Alpine a442 made completely out of Legos!

The engine details are incredible!  I love the chrome exhaust pipes and little gauges in the cockpit.

This is one of the best Lego car builds I’ve come across, truly impressive. Go visit Klocki and be inspired!



    1. Yeah man! Ramsay is one of my idols. It’s too bad the US butchers his shows so much and makes him out to be this raging lunatic. Those who know the real Ramsay have watch the British version of Kitchen Nightmares and his show The F Word. I got you on the blogroll now too! 🙂

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