Lost But Not Forgotten

The Nike Air Max 90 Infrared’s are my favorite sneakers of all time. The classic color way and timeless design have had many a sneaker head drooling throughout the years. Two years ago I waited at UNDFTD on La Brea for 3 hours before the store opened because they were supposed to drop that day. I was stoked because I was the 3rd dude in line and determined to get my pair. 10 minutes before the store opened one of the employees came outside and told us they wouldn’t be selling the Infrareds that day because Nike never sent their shipment out. I was really bummed, as were the rest of the 30 people waiting in line for the sneakers. It turns out they dropped the following week and UNDFTD only ended up getting 5-7 pairs of the shoes. I never bothered to wait in line again. I guess I’m not a true sneaker head. Instead I picked up 2 pairs of the Air Max Currents and they’ve ended up being the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. Fast forward to July 2010, the Infrareds are celebrating 20 years along with a wide re-release! They shouldn’t be so hard to obtain this time and I’m determined to finally own a pair of my “Holy Grail” of sneakers!


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