The Brothers M3

It’s not too often you find an M3 that looks as good as these cars, owned by two brothers no less!

Each of them getting an E92 coupe would have been the obvious choice. Instead they opted to be a bit more unique and go with the E90 sedan and E93 convertible. The E90 is looking great in SGM with 20 inch, diamond black BBS LM’s and a carbon Vorsteiner front lip.

The real show stopper is the Melbourne Red E93 convertible complete with 20 inch BBS LM-R’s and the same Vorsteiner carbon lip as his brother’s. I really don’t like convertibles but this car has made me think twice.

Both cars are equipped with Gintani exhausts. It’s pretty obvious these two styled their cars together, but the end result is beautiful! These are some proper M3’s!



  1. WOW…that red looks sick on the vert with those LM-R’s..! Guess convertibles arent girly anymore…haha

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