A Wolf In Wolf’s Clothing

Jacob has had a long history of building some of the cleanest Subarus I’ve ever seen. His old WRX was a thing of beauty and a big inspiration for my car. I really wish he had kept the car because his current project is beyond something you take to the movies on a Friday night.

His GDB STi is a work of art. There are so many unique details on this car it’s tough to know where to begin!

Apart from the APR widebody and custom gunmetal paint, you’ll notice some beautifully crafted intake ducts integrated into the fog covers. Most people bake their headlights in the oven to remove the blinkers, Jacob opted for some legit JDM HID headlights.

The matte black Enkei RPF1 wheels are wrapped in Advan Neova tires. Peeping out from beneath is a Stoptech 6-pot brake kit with 2-piece slotted rotors. The titanium lug nuts add a nice aesthetic touch to the performance-oriented theme of Jacob’s STi.

The STi’s side profile is more reminiscent of Japan’s elite time attack competitors than a privately-owned, street brawler/track monster/show queen! Jacob isn’t done either. The engine bay is next on the list for a serious revamp. I can’t wait to see this car at it’s full potential. This guy never ceases to amaze me with his Subarus!



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