Use It Or Lose It

It’s always nice to see some JDM Imprezas hitting the track. I wish track days were mandatory for anyone that owned a performance car. It would certainly make driving on the street a much safer place.

I’m really digging this GDB, it’s just simplicity at it’s finest! Looks like an S203 rear wing, a set of TE37 Volks and an STi V-Limited front lip. All the right ingredients are here. I’m actually starting to like the GDB more and more lately.

I don’t see too many black Imprezas in Japan. This GDB is pretty dope. The Cusco lip combines form and function very nicely. The brake ducts and Voltex side skirts finish the car off nicely.

This GDB has definitely seen better days. I threw it on here because I appreciate how the Japanese really use their cars. You don’t see too many pristine performance cars in Japan because they believe is driving their cars. They drive hard too!


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