The Way It Should Be

The biggest complaint I have about my WRX isn’t the EJ20 or the weak 5-speed transmission, it’s the 5×100 bolt pattern. For those wanting to run aggressive wheel setups, it becomes very difficult with this fairly uncommon bolt pattern. Work offers a few different options for aggressive wheels, but unless you want to run Rotas, there aren’t many choices out there. If I keep the WRX I’m going to do a 5×114 swap for sure. I came across this WRX on NASIOC the other day and I loved the aggressive BBS LM’s this dude is running! I’ve heard the wheels are from Kenny’s old WRX which I’ve discussed a ton of times on A Class. Bottom line, the wheels look great, especially on a GDA Impreza!

TimeAtk has been killing it lately on the photo front, I’ve been super impressed with his skills and he’s definitely got an eye for editing photographs. I wish I could see some better pictures of the front end of this WRX. It looks like he’s running a Prodrive front lip with an STi V-Limited front lip retrofitted underneath. It’s a pretty awesome looking setup and this isn’t the first GDA I’ve seen running the combo. It’s actually something I’ve considered doing on my car.

Photos courtesy of TimeAtk.



  1. dude i love this bug eye. 5×100 bolt pattern always reminds me for my friend and his 04 STi. the person selling the car told him that it was great that he had the bolt pattern because wheels are rarer! smh. you’re absolutely correct about rota being one of the few brands offering agressive fitment for the bolt pattern though. GL with your swap if you decide to keep it

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