Dream Setup

Mr. Koyama formally of JUN Auto is a magician when it comes to building and tuning cars. He’s always got new tricks up his sleeve and is constantly pushing the envelope of what’s possible. The JUN Super Lemon Impreza is one of the crowning achievements of the Japanese tuning shop and one of my dream cars. I heard it was for sale a while back and now spends it’s days in the garage of a private owner. If I had an unlimited budget for my Impreza, I’d have Mr. Koyama build and tune my car. I had some great shots of the Super Lemon Impreza engine bay on my hard drive, take a look.

I used to think that Subaru engine bays had no potential to look good. When compared to an RB26 or 2JZ, it’s hard to imagine. JUN has managed to create a work of art with this build. Everything from the intake box to the front mount intercooler is custom. I’ve always loved how JUN painted the yellow to green gradation on their engine builds.

The Super Lemon Impreza is really running a dual intercooler setup. They’ve managed to utilize the best airflow setup possible by designing an intercooler that runs 3 pipes instead of 2. This allows the twin intake manifolds to receive as much fresh, cold air as possible. The piping minimizes bends and takes the most direct route possible through the engine bay. This car is all about response and the intercooler piping plays a major role.

Unlike the factory Subaru intake manifold, JUN has decided to run a split setup. This helps in more evenly distributing the air that each cylinder will receive. Think of it like individual throttle bodies.

The turbo is a Trust TD06 developing over 580hp. Look at the welds on the custom intake pipe, stunning. Mr. Koyama is also responsible for the Team Orange drift cars and now serves as their chief mechanic. Since making his departure from JUN, Mr. Koyama started his own tuning venture, Koyama Racing Labo. The shop is already a big industry contender with their Evo X time attack car. I would love to see Mr. Koyama get back into the Subaru game but in the meantime, the Super Lemon Impreza remains my dream.


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