Impreza Cosworth

It’s nice to see Cosworth taking a shot at improving the GRB STi before the next generation comes out.

The CS400 looks pretty much the same as the standard STi with the exception of a few exterior changes. What really matters is what’s inside though. The car will be limited to 75 units and comes with a Cosworth built motor and upgraded turbo putting out 395whp. The engineers at Cosworth were able to extract an additional 99whp over the factory setup. They claim the car will have a 0-60 time of 3.7 seconds, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. The suspension has also been fully redesigned using Eibach and Bilstein components, allowing the car a much needed drop in ride height. The car’s brakes have also been upgraded by AP Racing.

Cosworth has managed to give the car’s interior a more European touch with gloss black trim and redesigned seats. I’ve always liked the GRB’s interior and they’ve managed to make it even better. I’ll be interested to see how this car goes over with the Subaru community. I think everyone has been longing to see some big things from the GRB which has been viewed as a bit of a slouch by many. The British, who are especially passionate about their Imprezas, haven’t been too keen about the STi’s shift from a sedan to a hatchback either. Like all special edition models, I’m sure the CS400 will sell out within minutes, if it hasn’t already.


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