BimmerFest 2010

I don’t own a BMW, but I’d really like to at some point. I have a big appreciation for the BMW community. They do things big. I’d say they’re to Euro what Honda is to JDM. Last weekend was the main event for all BMW owners, BimmerFest 2010. Usually the event is held in Santa Barbara, CA but it’s become so big, they had to move it closer to Los Angeles. This year it was held at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA, one of my favorite cities in the country. Since I’m up in the Bay Area I wasn’t able to attend the event, but there’s a slew of great threads with hundreds of pictures, all over the internet. Today I stumbled across the blog of photographer John Zhang. I’ve seen some of his work before on M3Post and I really like his stuff. He has some great photo coverage from BimmerFest.

Maureen Chen in the foreground and behind her, one of my favorite E92 M3’s. I featured this car on A Class a few months ago.

On the whole, the BMW community seems to be more subtle with their approach to modifying cars. You just don’t see the body kits and the varieties of wheels that you do on Japanese cars. I’ve noticed a new trend emerging lately though, especially in the M3 community. Owners are deciding to color match specific parts of their car’s to give them more flare and separate themselves from the masses. It started with some of IND’s customer builds and has grown from there. Supercharger kits like the one from ESS Tuning are a popular upgrade for the M3 right now, and many owners are deciding to paint their intake manifolds crazy colors to match other pieces around the car. The lime green Brembo calipers are an example of how people are stepping outside of the box in a community that has sticked to the basics for decades.

The crazy Vorsteiner wide body E92 M3. I think this kit makes the car look a bit like an E46. The ultra-wide fenders must have something to do with it.

The EAS demo car, complete with an Ericsson body kit.

There’s plenty more pictures over on 1013MM, John Zhang’s blog. Drooling over all these pictures really makes me want an M3. The E46 is pretty reasonably priced these days too.


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