Back in high school I used to have a job at Best Buy. Every week I’d bring home new DVD’s to add to my collection.

Fast forward 8 years and DVD’s are almost entirely obsolete. I spent the other day organizing my collecting and couldn’t help thinking about all the other ways I could’ve used the money I spent on my DVD collection. It makes me hesitant to even invest in any Blu-ray movies because who knows what’s going to surpass that in another few years. My guess is that discs and physical media will be non-existent, it’s already heading that way. Everything will come in the form of a digital file for your TV and computer.



  1. I have the same sorta deal, but with video games. When I was younger, I bought them like crazy, but now I hardly have the time or interest to play them all again.

  2. What’s obsolete about DVD’s? I love the fact that I can pick up used DVD’s for a few bucks. Streaming and download-able content has a long way to go in the quality department.

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