Evil EJ25

A while back, I came across photographer Nick Parker. At one point Nick had a very serious WRX build in the works. Not sure whatever happened to his project car, he probably decided to put all of his attention into photography. This dude has some really cool stuff and has shot for more than a few car magazines, including Subiesport. While I was looking at Nick’s Flickr page I came across this gangster STi.

This custom EJ25 build is nuts. I love the custom intercooler and intake piping. The welds are especially pretty on the intake pipe. You also can’t go wrong with one of Cosworth’s intake manifolds.

The wrinkle black finish helps to set things off without demanding too much attention.

Other than this shot, I couldn’t find any pictures of the exterior of this STi. In this crappy economy it’s nice to see people doing big things in the ways of performance. I’m all about the new trends of aggressive fitment and clean exteriors, but the true art in modifying cars remains in power and performance. Dope engine bay and great photos, I’d love to see more!

Photos courtesy of Nick Parker.


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