In The Spotlight

Ryan Gates owns quite possibly the most popular Evo X in the country. I’ve seen this car popping up time and time again and it’s one of my favorites. The build was performed by the magicians at AMS in Chicago and continues to be honed in as the ultimate weapon on the track. It first caught looks for having one of the most aggressive wheel and tire combos in the Evo X community spawning dozens of copycats and people trying to outdo what is in my opinion, the perfect fitment for the car.

The car is utilized on the streets as well as a competitor on the track. If the CE28N’s aren’t on the menu, just slap on a spare set of TE37’s (both sets are 18×10.5).

AMS tends to the performance aspects of this Evo X which is fitted in a slew of their original parts. Just a few years ago we all looked to Japan for the best builds and the most insane tuning shops. Lately the US has really been upping the ante and it could be safe to say that we are starting to level out with the Japanese in terms of legit cars and tuning shops.

The new look for 2010. Keep an eye out for Ryan Gates’ Evo x, I have no doubts we’ll be seeing big things to come.

Photos courtesy of Ryan Gates.


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