Subaru Militia

Came across this GDB STi from a local Subaru meet in Toronto.

The GDB looks really good with a projector headlight conversion. Subaru actually made an OEM replacement with projector bulbs, but they’re very hard to find. I wonder why they never put them on any of their cars from the factory? I’m liking the military colors on this car. The green with gold and black is a nice combination.



  1. that looks gorgeous. the colors are so drab, but make it so nice at the same time.

    i downloaded truth in 24 when it was first announced on itunes for free. i usually play it in the background in the shop. i absolutely love the part where allan mcnish walks you through la sarthe.

    on another note, i was watchin the american kitchen nightmares today. the editing is so bad. all they want is for ramsay to yell kick and scream. nothin really about making the restaurant work.

    1. Ramsay plays a caricature of himself on the US series. Those who are fans of his British television shows, know that’s not how Ramsay really is. I also like how in the British version the put more attention into Ramsay preparing the food and instructing the chefs. You can actually learn something from watching the show. The US version, like most reality shows, just focuses on the drama. It’s entertaining, but not the same. I’m pumped for the new season of ‘The F Word’!

  2. Any technical information on this car? I’d particularly like to know what wheels are on the car and their size/fitment.

      1. Thanks for the response. They look better in this pic than on most other setups I’ve seen. Got to be 18’s, wonder what the offset is, looks like it could be+35.

  3. Two-year ressurection…but I’m trying to find out what you call this color, or if there are any other pics of it. Looks super dark olive green, I NEED to find this 😛

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