I think it’s safe to say that my next car will be a BMW M3. I’ve been obsessed with them since I was a teenager and I can’t wait to own one someday. I’m always on the M3 forums scoping out the latest trends in the community. Recently a new aero parts brand has emerged called Arkym. They aren’t too widely known yet but a few M3 owners in Orange County have been showing off some of the brand’s new parts, including Arkym’s carbon front lip pictured above. Fitment is pretty spot on and their quality looks great overall.

This E93 M3 isn’t too shabby either. The HRE P40’s have to be one of my favorite wheels for the car. They just look so right and are reminiscent of BMW’s CSL wheels.

Sard’s E92 M3 is pictured above, also rocking an Arkym carbon front lip and some BBS LM-R’s. Big props to both owners for pushing the boundaries of style. Also, keep a look out for more Arkym aero parts. I have a feeling big things are to come.

Photos courtesy of Sard.


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