Play Ball

Hit up AT&T Park in San Francisco yesterday to watch the Giants and Red Sox play. I’m a born and bred Red Sox fan so it was nice to support them while they were playing out here.

We had some great seats right behind home plate. This picture makes it look like we were further back than we actually were. I was sitting about 30-40 feet from Jason Varitek! Jon Lester pitched a great game yesterday and was in it for all 9 innings. The Sox took the win 5-1 over the Giants.

My dad and I were tossing around the idea of taking a redeye to Boston to see them play Tampa Bay on Tuesday at Fenway. I don’t think we’re going to do it though LOL. The weather was perfect yesterday in the city.

Grabbed a shot of the Bay Bridge with my iPhone while we were walking back from the game. It’s been weeks since I shot a picture with my D80. I think it’s time for a new DSLR.


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