Mint S204

Speaking of special edition models of the Impreza, check out this STi S204 for sale at Super Autobacs in Tokyo!

This car looks like it’s never been driven and it’s WRB, a rare find. Not sure what’s up with the silver door mirrors though.

I’d kill for one of these in my garage.



  1. S204’s came with the brushed aluminum look mirrors. Think they tried to copy Audi or something, not a fan either

    1. It depends on your definition of “allowed”. The 2 main factors keeping most JDM cars off US roads are emissions and crash safety. Since the S204 is essentially a GDB STi by most standards, it could be relatively straight forward to get one onto the road, since we also have them here in the states.

      Driving one in California would be the biggest challenge because of the emissions laws and overbearing law enforcement (once CHP saw RHD they’d get suspicious). However in some of the more relaxed states concerning car modifying and emissions testing, you could probably get one registered and on the road. A Subaru owner in Illinois actually imported and registered an S202 about 2-3 years ago. I’m not sure what happened with the car.

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