The Power Of 6

To this day, my favorite mod are my brakes. About 2 years ago I upgraded my WRX with a set of Brembo GT 4-piston calipers, slotted rotors, and braided lines. They stop on a dime and have been the most worthwhile investment to my car. With that said, there’s always room for improvement. I really like special OEM brake kits. Subaru has done a number of collaborations with different manufactures on their various Imprezas over the years. AP Racing, Alcon, and Brembo are all companies Subaru has worked with to give their cars the ultimate stopping power. The STi Spec C Type RA-R is one of the most sought after models in the Impreza lineup. It’s an uber stripped down version of the standard STi and it’s fitted with these beautiful STi 6-piston calipers and slotted, 2-piece rotors by Brembo.

Tino recently fitted these brakes onto his insane STi project and I think they’re the perfect combination of form and function for his car.

I’ve always thought it was hard to get any better than my Brembo kit for the street but I can only imagine how hard those massive calipers grab. The Spec C brakes are pretty hard to come by and I’m sure they cost a boatload. I’d love to own a set someday.

Photos courtesy of Tino.


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