5 Stars

If you’re looking for a great way to spend 5 hours and want to learn something, absolutely watch Wonders of the Solar System. My friend turned me onto this mini-series produced by the BBC and hosted by particle physicist, Brian Cox. The series is both inspiring and informative, it opened my eyes to things I never would’ve considered or looked into otherwise. The production value is top tier; it’s beautifully shot and visually stunning in true BBC fashion. I’m sure Wonders of the Solar System is available via torrent, but I watched it through YouTube in HD. Unlike years past, it’s cool to learn. There are so many amazing series and documentaries out there with Hollywood-like production quality. It’s a pretty cool time and I think it’s great that channels like Discovery are now the most popular on cable. Everyone’s interest in learning and watching documentaries will only continue to fuel production and allow them to further push the envelope. Brian Cox is currently filming followup to Wonders of the Solar System. It’s called Wonders of the Universe and he’ll be investigating everything outside of the boarders of our solar system. It should be out sometime next year.


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