Sleepy Wagon

A dude by the name of Julian e-mailed me the other day to share some kind words about the blog and link me to some pictures of his dope WRX wagon. I’ve seen Julian’s car on NASIOC a number of times before. It’s simple and clean, just the way I like it.

Julian’s WRX is fitted with set of white Work Emotion 11R’s in 17×9 +28. Pretty aggressive sizing and offset for the limiting 5×100 blot pattern. A set of Tein Flex coilovers and camber bolts give this WRX just the right stance.

White on WRB is such a great color combination. With just a touch of pull on the rear fenders, Julian’s WRX exemplifies flush.

For me the bugeye will always be the best version of the Impreza and not just because I own one. Seeing cars like Julian’s further emphasizes the potential of this model. For a while, no one was running aggressive wheel setups on the bugeye. Recently, more and more cars have been pushing the envelope. I think I need to step my game up!

Special thanks to Julian Guia for the great photos, keep it up!


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