I came across a bunch of pictures of the new STi sedan. Not sure if it’s on sale yet in Japan, but the Subaru dealerships have them on display.

You can definitely get a better idea of the car’s looks in person through these photos, as opposed to the glamorized ones from the brochure.

Blue Ridge Pearl, one of my favorite car colors. I’m so glad Subaru is offering it again after such a long hiatus.

You can really see how much the new STi sedan has evolved over the last couple models.

The rear bumper takes a lot of style notes from the E92 M3. It has a very similar rear diffuser and quad-exhaust layout. The tail lights could use some room for improvement. They make the rear of the car look a little on the cheap side. However, the rear wing is a big improvement over the same one Subaru has been using on their cars since the early 2000’s. I’m very excited about the new STi sedan. I think it has tons of potential and I’m sure everyone else will be sold once the right people start modifying theirs.



  1. I can’t really explain why, but it doesn’t look all that great to me. Then again, I said the same thing when the GRB came out, and now I love it. I suspect I just need to warm up to it, and just as you said, I’ll probably be sold once some good examples start popping up.

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