2011 STi Video

Despite the terrible music, this is one of the first videos I’ve seen of the new STi.

It looks pretty good in white. I’m already imagining the car lowered on some Volks!



    1. A lot of people have been hating on the fact that it looks like an M3/M5. I love it! The Japanese are obsessed with European automotive styling so it’s only natural that it’s influence will start to show up on their own cars. I’m also digging the F1-style light on the diffuser!

  1. It’s very hard for me to like this. Subaru wanted to make a STI 5 door 2011, but when you look this 5 doors, there is no rear, a fake little trunk, just for said there are a 5 doors ! The size of the trunk is just enough for the size of a wing !!! The wing, remember da side wing of the Lancer Evo 8 & 9. The rear bumper = Série 3 bimma. The front bumper look sick, that’s ok. I don’t know, I look forward to see a lower big wheel tuned 5 door STI 2011 !!!

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