Tuned By Top Secret

These pictures do a pretty good job of justifying why the GT-R is still the king of Japanese cars.

This car was tuned by Top Secret and is fitted with their whole lineup of aero, including the front bumper, hood, and rear wing. I’ve always liked the Top Secret front bumper on the R34. It’s a bit more rounded which kind of breaks up the sharp lines of the car (a good thing). The massive air ducts and opening for the intercooler give the car a more aggressive look, if that was even possible.

This GT-R looks more like a freeway bomber than a circuit car to me.

I originally saw these pictures on Auto-Otaku which is one of my favorite car blogs. Sadly, it doesn’t get updated much these days. Mike has moved on to bigger and better projects like photographing for Speedhunters. I love his work for them and I hope he’ll come back to his own blog again at some point.

Photos courtesy of Mike Garrett.


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