It’s Like An M5

As far as German cars go, BMW steels the spotlight just about every chance it gets. But what about Mercedes-Benz? I rarely see people modifying Mercedes-Benz’s. I know they’re out there though and when I do see one on that rare occasion, it’s something pretty impressive. The other day I saw a C63 AMG getting off the freeway. It was perfectly styled and sounded like a bat out hell. That perked my interest a bit and got me looking into more of Mercedes-Benz’s offerings.

This is the E55 AMG. If you have no idea what that means, it’s basically a BMW M5. AMG has busted out 2 versions of the E-Class. The E55 AMG has a supercharged V8 and the E63 AMG (which was on the last episode of Top Gear) is equipped with a slightly larger V8 and isn’t supercharged. The W211 above is amazingly well built. The black wheels and grill are the perfect contrast to the otherwise stark silver that Mercedes has become famous for. The Brembo 6-piston calipers add just enough flare without overdoing it. I know nothing of the performance, but I don’t need to, it’s an E55 AMG and it’s fast.

BMW dominates the market and Audi has also found a nice niche to slide into, over the last few years. You can’t forget about Mercedes-Benz though. After seeing cars like this E55 AMG and some of the other builds I’ve come across, it’s certain they have just as much potential to look great, demand presence, and make huge power as BMW’s and Audis. My friend has been wanting to pick up an E55 AMG for days, and now I understand what he’s on about.


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