6.3L V8? Yes please! If you read my post earlier today then you’ll know I’m on a bit of a Mercedes binge. The CLK 63 Black Series is probably my favorite Mercedes, but the C63 AMG is what I would buy immediately, if I had the money. When it comes to German cars, I’m a BMW guy at heart, but you just can’t deny the looks and performance of this beast! I was browsing Flickr earlier and I came across these amazing pictures.

I prefer sedans to coupes and this car is about the same size as my WRX which is why I’d go with it over the CLK Black. Besides, you can always add the flared wheel arches yourself. Yes the M3 will handle better and yes there are far more aftermarket options for it. But if I just need something loud, fast and comfortable to drive to work, the C63 AMG could very well be the best option.

I love the car’s massive brakes and aggressive body lines. The gill slits on the front bumper are a nice touch. It looks fantastic in red too! My only gripe is that it doesn’t come with a manual transmission. This photographer does top notch work, make sure to take a look at his Flickr page.

Photos courtesy of JSitthi.


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