Food For Thought

It seems like everyone has a blog these days. I’m shocked at how many car blogs have popped up around the internet in the last year alone. I started blogging about cars in 2007 and at times it can be really hard work. I’m sure everyone with a blog will agree with me that sometimes there’s just nothing new to report. All the cool pictures have been posted and all the new topics have been discussed. Sometimes I scour the internet for an hour just to find a picture to write a single sentence about. The last week or so has been one of those times where I’m really out of ideas. I feel like the trends of the industry have settled a bit. I’m waiting for the next big thing to pop. HellaFlush was so 2009, if you know what I mean. I think the fuel crisis and the government’s crackdown on emissions and cleaner forms of energy have effected the automotive and aftermarket industries forever. In many ways it was a positive transition because so many people focused less on big power builds and more on looks and handling. Aggressive wheel fitment really gained it’s popularity because it’s something anyone can do legally. There’s no stressing over emissions testing or extra attention from the police. It’s purely looks and I think that’s great. Car blogs have also fueled the trend in ways that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. With that said, it’s time for a change. The industry never likes to stay in the same spot for too long and I’ve been waiting for what’s next. In the meantime, there hasn’t been a whole lot to report on and that’s the reason why A Class has been so cheese ball lately. I can’t wait for the 2011 STi to go on sale and get into the hands of the right people, who will for sure build some great examples of the car. One thing I have really started to believe lately is that the Americans are giving the Japanese a run for their money. I have come across so many impressive builds over the last couple years. We are definitely finding our own swag in this country and it’s very apparent in our cars. So many people are doing it right and in their own unique ways. Even tuning in the United States has surpassed Japan to a degree. Not too long ago, the only way to truly get that perfect tune was to call in the gurus from Japan. These days almost every major city in the country has a reputable shop that’s just as capable of providing excellent tuning and services for our cars. I think the popularity and the level of skill will only continue to grow. It’s a very exciting time and that’s why I have a good feeling we’re on the verge of another big industry transition. New trends are definitely on the horizon. Until that comes along, here’s another picture of an S15 from my external LOL!




  1. Rightly said,totally agree even though im not from the states or japan,i guess with internet nowadays you can just find absolutely anything related to car tuning,remember in the days before fast and furious information about car tuning was very scarce and hard to find.

  2. Im with you Chris; wonder whats next for the industry?? I hope to see it ASAP..some things got to give and the next “movement” will surprise all of us.

  3. Great perspective. I agree on several points, such as the influx of automotive based blogs (unfortunately, I contributed to that :\ ) and the fresh/new content getting harder to find.

    I, too, see hellaflush steadily losing a little bit of steam as time goes on. I believe that it looks great, but when everyone starts doing it, it can be a little overwhelming and repetitive However, I wouldn’t necessarily say that aggressive wheel fitment is something legal though. At several bay area shows, specifically the Blox Open House event last weekend, cops were cracking down on it. About 150+ cars were ticketed for various reasons, most of which were suspension/wheel related. Several were even towed. I’m seeing more of it pop up in various locations too.

    Anyway, I look forward to what the future has in store for the aftermarket and car industry. People are already speculating the rise of the hybrid and small cars. We’ll see how things go. Keep up the great work on the blog, even if it means posting less often than usual.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Robert! I had no idea cops were handing out tickets for wheel fitment?! It really goes to show the financial state that California is in right now. Anything to make money I guess. :-\

      I think hybrids will start to leave their mark on the tuning industry. I’m already seeing a lot of Japanese shops like Top Secret and HKS playing around with hybrid cars. It’s only a matter of time before it reaches the US.

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