Trendsetting Suby

This is the car that sparked my interest in the Prodrive and STi V-Limited lip combination. I’ve never really seen this WRX before, it just kind of emerged in the SoCal scene a few months ago. I’m not even sure who the owner is, but he has good taste. Photographer and STi owner Luis (pictured in the background), took some new pictures of this elusive WRX that has gotten my attention.

When done properly, the big old OEM fog lights can look pretty good in yellow. It comes as no surprise either that BBS LM’s perfectly round out the look of this WRX. I’m pretty sure the wheels used to belong to Kenny, before he parted out his Subaru.

Lens flares can easily be abused (watch Star Trek), but they can also be very tastefully done, like in this picture.

Now I’m pretty sure this WRX is running a replica V-Limited lip. It’s understandable, look at the clearance. I’m still debating on whether or not I want the real deal. I’m pretty adamant about finding a carbon one. We’ll see what happens, I’m not even sure if STi made one that fit the 06/07 model Impreza?

Photos courtesy of Luis.



  1. that beautiful car is owned by donnieb. one of the SCIC OG’s in the subie scene and cool guy, im pretty sure he was the first one to rock the prodrive vlimited combo as discussed in the bugeye thread, since ’08 , i see him at meets most often, he said its their to protect his pdrive lip, also good to note that he was able to put an 08 GR STI seats on GD body, i know he’s been lay lowing for awhile and last time i heard he’s selling the car.

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