Gallardo In Endless Space

I’ve been working on some new digital art lately, specifically this vector of the Lamborghini Gallardo. I finished doing the car last week but I’ve been struggling ever since, to figure out what to do with the background. I’ve tried many different ideas, but nothing really seems to work. While I continue to figure it out, I thought I’d post up some shots of the completed car.

Cars are really what inspire me most and I’ve felt for a long time that my portfolio is lacking automotive work. I’ve been working a few different projects lately and thought this vector would be a nice addition to my portfolio. More than anything, this piece was a learning exercise. I’m embarrassed to admit, but prior to starting this project, I had no idea how to use the pen tool on Photoshop. In the past, I’ve always relied on the polygonal lasso tool. It did the job but always lacked the nice clean lines that I wanted. One afternoon, I decided to sit down and figure out the pen tool once and for all. It really is one of the most versatile tools on Photoshop and those who know it well, swear by it. Initially it was difficult but I found myself doing pretty complex shapes and paths within an hour of practicing.

I really tried to go beyond my comfort zone with this vector and explore some levels of detail I would’ve skipped otherwise. The wheels and brakes ended up being my favorite aspect of the design. It may be tough to see, but there are about 20 layers of color making up just the wheel itself.

Hopefully I can get the background figured out in the next couple days. I’m pretty eager to move onto another project I’ve been working on. I’ll be sure to post up some new shots once this piece is completed.



  1. Hey, that looks awesome, but i have done some work on my photoshop class and the professor always says to put complimentary colors together. i love the way it looks now but, i think (you may also think this as well because why else would you be pondering about the background right?) that you should use a light, non-over powering blue hue to compliment the orange of the car, or a purple. then chose a different font for the lettering or maybe do them offset as if they were shadows to each other, the original in the middle, then a 50% opacity on top, then an even lighter almost see through ont he bottom. with top and bottom both behind the original. I think this will make it pop. Just a thought cuz i love this stuff too. Maybe i was able to help. GL, great job.

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