Naked & Famous

No wardrobe is complete without some good denim. I think jeans are the most important item of clothing you can own. Now I usually can’t justify spending ungodly amounts of money on clothing, but I always make an exception when it comes to denim. I wear jeans almost every single day, so I don’t mind spending some money on a single pair because they will get worn. There’s all kinds of denim brands out there, all trying to do something different. I tend to prefer simpler cuts with more traditional stitching. I have no use for crazy designs on the back pockets or fancy wear patterns up and down the legs that were made for someone 6 inches taller than me. Raw, selvage and slim are what I tend to prefer. Recently I was in the market for some new denim so I picked up a pair of jeans from Naked & Famous.

Naked & Famous are a Canadian company the specialize in Japanese raw denim. All of  their materials are imported from Japan and made in Canada. I got a pair of their Weird Guy brand jeans which feature a slim cut that tapers to the ankle. I haven’t had a chance to wear them a lot since it’s summer, but they’re very comfortable. The quality is good, not as good as my A.P.C. denim, but close.

I’m looking forward to breaking these in more this fall when the weather starts to cool off. If you’re looking for a new pair of jeans, I’d definitely check out Naked & Famous. They have a great range of cuts and styles. Find them online at Azalea.


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