Cool & Collected

I love this WRX. It reminds me of the old days, around 2004 when most Subaru guys drove bugeyes. HellaFlush (as a concept) hadn’t been invented and just the simplest of modifications made a huge impact. The Subaru scene was still pretty fresh and we didn’t know any other way. Gus’ WRX is one of those throwback cars. The wheels aren’t poking, there’s no carbon fiber to be seen, and everything is just clean and simple. Building a great car is like knowing how to cook well; stick to a few simple ingredients and don’t overdo it.

Enkei’s are truly at home on Imprezas. I have yet to find a car that RPF1’s look better on. Gus used some of his Photoshop skills to paint his wheels matte black and add the V-Limited front lip. Both of which he’s considering doing to the car. I think they would be welcome additions.

I’m just not a big silver fan, but you can’t deny how easy it is to work with. Silver cars just look cleaner and newer for much longer. This WRX looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. I’m sure many will question what I’m on about, but this car is proper.

Photos courtesy of adizon.



  1. What kind of lip is that? I have the same car and have been looking for a V-Limited lip just like that, but there is no such thing as a V-Limited 2002.

    1. Those pictures are Photoshopped. But, it’s a Prodrive front lip with an STi V-Limited retrofitted to it. Subaru never made the V-Limited for the GDA Impreza. People usually run one from the 06-07 STi.

      1. Wow, the Photoshopping is great. I do have the 06-07 V-Limited lip on mine which looks extremely similar to this photo, but the fit is not as perfect as I like but it works.

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