Out From Hibernation

Paulie’s WRX is getting a chance to stretch it’s legs again. The car has been waiting in storage for the past couple years while Paulie’s been stationed in Japan. The WRC Tarmac Project made the trip out to the Big Event 2 in Houston to show everyone it’s still got it.

With the current trends of aggressive fitment and “low and slow”, it’s nice to see cars like Paulie’s WRX getting the respect and attention they deserve. This Impreza really is timeless. It was built during a different era of tuning, yet even today it makes a big statement and stands out from the rest.

Paulie hasn’t revealed any of his plans for the WRX once he’s back in the US. We can only guess what’s in store. I’ve always wondered how this car would look with an OG Prodrive front bumper.

Paulie has gone through quite a few sets of wheels. A set of Enkei RC-T4’s take on daily driving duties and then there’s these Speedlines fitted in a fresh set of racing slicks for the track. Now that the WRX is out of storage, I hope to be covering a lot more updates on one of the best Imprezas in the game.

Photos courtesy of Paulie.


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