Mediterranean STi

Word of my blog must have caught on in Greece because I’ve just heard from another Greek Subaru owner. Andreas was kind enough to send over some pictures of his WRC-inspired GRB STi project, which I rather like.

The first thing I noticed were the 18×8.5 Work XC8’s. They nicely resemble the BBS’s the SWRT used for tarmac stages on the WRC car. The closest thing BBS actually makes to those wheels (for a street car) are the factory wheels from the 04-07 STi; the XC8’s are a very nice substitute. The STi front lip and Prodrive carbon door mirrors nicely round out the front end of Andreas’ car.

The massive L’AUNSPORT rear wing draws in most of the attention at the back of the car. It wouldn’t be my first choice to use on the street, but I like the looks of the L’AUNSPORT wing a lot. The STi is also fitted with a custom turbo back exhaust and the factory turbo has been ported and polished. The setup is making around 350hp on an EcuTek. A big thanks to Andreas for sharing his GRB STi with me and I hope to see more updates of the car in the future!

Photos courtesy of Andreas Georgiopoulos.


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