Tony Kanaan’s E46 M3

I swear I’ll post some new things when I get a chance, but I keep finding the coolest stuff on my old hard drive. Here are some pictures of IndyCar driver, Tony Kanaan’s E46 M3.

The car looks a little dated (by today’s standards) with the Time Attack CE28N’s. It’s still seriously aggressive-looking though.

Tony’s M3 was built and tuned by Active Autowerke, who also fitted one of their insane supercharger kits. I tried to find some more info on this car but the only one that came up was a white E46 M3 with different wheels, also tuned by Active Autowerke. Not too sure if this is the same car repainted or a different car altogether.

Money shot with the Carrera GT. I wish I knew more about this M3, but these pictures are over 3 years old. Tony’s driving an Alpine White E92 M3 (also tuned by Active Autowerke) so I don’t think he owns this car anymore.


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