BBQ Meet Throwback

My first Subaru meet was back in August 2005, about 2 months after I picked up my WRX. I found these very old, very bad pictures from the meet at Subydude’s (now Wheeldude’s) old office in Fremont, CA.

I was pretty stoked to be going to a car meet that day. My WRX was completely stock at the time but it was fun to check out a lot of the cars I had gotten to know on the forums, in person. Bugeyes were definitely king back in the day. The GDB STi was still very new to the states and it was pretty ballin’ if you owned one.

The bar hadn’t been set very high in 2005. Most people did wheels, springs and a catback exhaust. Anything more and you were starting to get into serious territory. This is the STi that convinced me to get my first exhaust, a Strömung dual tip. I actually really liked it. It sounded pretty dope and it was totally sleeper. Cops never gave me a second glance either. It also looked pretty aggressive under the car because of the big 3″ piping.

I was pretty surprised with the atmosphere of the meet. People were coming and going throughout the afternoon. No one was really talking though. Everyone apart from a few small circles, kept to themselves and it was kind of awkward. It was very unlike the stereotypical atmosphere of a Subaru meet, which is extremely laid back and inviting.

This bugeye was pretty legit 5 years ago. White and gold was a very popular color combo and everyone was going nuts over the JDM STi aero parts for the GDA, like that S202 rear wing.

A lot of you guys know Dan’s WRX. This was before the V7 swap when he was running a GT30R on the stock block and tranny.

Finally, here’s my beater heading home from the meet. The only upgrades I had done at this point were window tint and a trunk swap for the WRX rear wing. My car was originally wingless and could I do it all over again, I would’ve kept it that way. I miss these days, before HellaFlush and Hypebeasts. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the look of aggressive fitment. But back then, everyone was just doing their thing, they way they wanted. All the parts and trends were new and fresh. Literally nothing had been played out yet.


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