The Town

Last night I had a chance to watch Ben Affleck’s new film, The Town. It’s not so much another movie, as it is an homage to the heist film genre and the city of Boston. It’s apparent Affleck, The Town’s director, star and native Bostonian put his heart and soul into this one. His passion for the story and the city is very apparent throughout and as a result everything is brilliantly executed. The Town is easily one of the best films of it’s genre I’ve seen. It’s very well cast; Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker), in particular gives an excellent performance as Affleck’s best friend and accomplice. Veteran actors Chris Cooper and Pete Postlethwaite are also welcome additions to the supporting cast of the film. With a recent history of terrible roles, people seem to have forgotten about just how talented Ben Affleck can be. I was pleasantly surprised by his confidence as director. The whole film is very tight and uses minimal cuts to get it’s story across. The car chases and shootouts in particular were very well orchestrated and hauntingly realistic. As a tribute to Boston, all the elements are here including a finale at Fenway Park. The Town represents a culture that is unique to the city with which it is based and natives of Massachusetts, myself one of them, will be pleased with the film’s authenticity. With rave reviews flooding in, I have no doubts that The Town will join the ranks of films like The Departed and Heat as one of the best ever.


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