iPhone 4

I’ve been holding out all summer, but last week I ended up getting the iPhone 4.

I’ll admit, it definitely has it’s problems, mainly the “death grip”. A case will fix that issue though. Aside from that, it’s an amazing piece of technology and I challenge all the iPhone haters to try one for themselves. It’s impossible not to like iPhone 4 after using it and looking at the gorgeous display. I’ve been using an original iPhone for over 2 years, so this was a big upgrade. I ended up ordering one of the new Incase sliders. I’ll have an update once that comes in.



  1. If you get the ip4 apple bumper case (it an app you download) make sure you use the incase car charger because it’s the only brand car charger that I found that you can use with the case. Otherwise you’ll have to take off the case. I had to go to three stores to find one that worked with my bumper case.

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