Only The Best: William’s STi

The tuning scene in the northwest is often overlooked. Ask most people and they’ll immediately think of California for having some of the baddest cars in the country. The guys in Seattle and Vancouver know what’s up though. I’ve seen countless examples of great cars coming from that region for years now. Plus with the relaxed emissions regulations up there, it’s made it possible for many people to import and own JDM cars like Silvias and Skylines. The Subaru game has also been thriving up there for years and William’s GDB STi is one of the shining examples of that.

William has a knack for choosing only the best. From the rare Advan Siena Gen II wheels to the JDM projector headlights, he elevated his STi to a level that few had seen in the US previously.

William’s car is also fitted with an Amuse R1 Titan exhaust; the only one I’ve seen on any Subaru outside of Japan. Only the finest parts will do for this car of many different looks. If you don’t believe me, just ask him how many different trunk lids he owns. There were even more plans for this car, but then it all but vanished from the scene for over 2 years.

Recently William’s STi has emerged looking a bit more in tune with the current fashions. I’ll still always prefer it’s original JDM-inspired looks, but you can’t deny this guy has a great sense of style. The polished TE37’s have found their way onto the car, along with a substantial drop.

No one is really sure what’s to come for this car, but it’s good to see it on the streets once again.

Photos courtesy of Nick Parker.



  1. Ah man, I liked his old setup more. 😦 I remember talking to him on Myspace like 5 years ago when I was hopefully going to buy a Suby (which never did happen), haha.

    1. I agree with you Robert. I prefer the old look of his STi. If I owned a set of Siena Gen II’s, they would never leave my car LOL! William is a super cool guy though. I’ve spoken to him on a few different occasions. He also owns a carbon fiber business and at one point had his entire interior done in the stuff.

      1. Oh definitely! Really cool guy and very easy to talk to.

        I feel like his car was more original in its past phase. It was different and was a significant presence among the other Subys of its time. Now, it just looks like 95% of all the other Subys out there. I feel he stripped it of its character. Kinda unfortunate how people change their perfectly good cars just to fit in. 😦

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