Weekend Flavor

Sorry for the lack of updates. It’s been a super busy weekend. Yesterday I hit up the G35 gathering at Shoreline Park in Long Beach. I’ll have post on that later as well as Part III of Top Secret. I hit up some great food spots this weekend.

Now if you’re familiar with Orange County, you’ll know that Garden Grove and Westminster are the best places to get Vietnamese food. Little Saigon is the place for pho and bahn mi and Thursday I tried a new place called Pho Lu. There’s a couple key things to look for in all good pho restaurants. It has to be open late and it absolutely has to be cheap. I see so many “designer” Vietnamese restaurants popping up all over, selling a bowl of soup for $10+! Skip those joints. Good pho should have a lot of meat. Places are going to skimp on the meat and fill the void with noodles. Some may like that, but a legit place is going to have less noodles and more of the good stuff. Pho Lu had tons of meat and a great tasting soup base. They also had massive bowls. It’s one of the better pho places I’ve been to by far.

After the G35 meet we hit up King Taco in Long Beach. King Taco is a pretty legit chain of Mexican restaurants around the greater LA area. I’ve had the burritos here and they’re pretty good, but the thing to get is the sopes. A sope is kind of like a tostada, but with a thicker, chewier shell made of corn and deep fried. I get mine al pastor which is a marinated pork mixture with onions. They’re a great alternative to tacos.


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  1. I keep checking back for updates on AClass and that first pic is making wanna go get some Pho pho sho! Now that its cold (in Utah), some Pho would be just the ticket.

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